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Sample Registration Forms and Packing Guidance

The links below will download the selected Sample Registration/Info form to your device so you can complete it, save it with a relevant file name, and email it to GSS. Please print the completed form and include it with your samples.

Sample Registration Form 1-page – Microsoft Word fillable form (up to 20 samples)
Sample Registration Form 2-page – Microsoft Word fillable form (up to 46 samples)
Sample Registration Form 3-page – Microsoft Word fillable form (up to 70 samples)

Please also send an electronic copy of your completed form to our Facility Manager, Jim McMillan.

Pack Your Samples Carefully!

When packing your samples to send them to GSS, ensure that when you pick up the box and shake it, nothing is loose and able to move around in the box.

You do NOT want your sample boxes to arrive looking like the ones shown below...
(received February 2024)