Geochronology Standards

The following separated mineral concentrates from the listed age standards may be purchased when available.  As of September 2018, due to our lab workload we are unable to keep up with the present demand for age standards. At this time we can only supply Fish Canyon (titanite only) and Mt. McClure (apatite, zircon, titanite). This note will be updated when we are able to provide additional standards.

Mount Dromedary (apatite, titanite, and zircon)
Mount McClure (apatite, titanite, and zircon)
Fish Canyon Tuff (apatite, titanite, and zircon)
Temora2 (apatite and zircon)
Duluth Complex (apatite and zircon)
Durango (apatite only)
Tardree Rhyolite (zircon only)

Please complete and include this form when contacting Paul about standard availability and ordering.

Academic Labs
0.25 grams (~60 mounts): $350.00 per aliquot $175.00 per second mineral
0.50 grams (~120 mounts): $650.00 per aliquot $325.00 per second mineral
1.00 grams (~240 mounts): $1,200.00 per aliquot $600.00 per second mineral

Commercial Labs
0.25 grams (~60 mounts): $500.00 per aliquot $250.00 per second mineral
0.50 grams (~120 mounts): $900.00 per aliquot $450.00 per second mineral
1.00 grams (~240 mounts): $1,700.00 per aliquot $850.00 per second mineral


Standard Standard Age (±2s) Reference
MD Mount Dromedary 99.12 ± 0.14 Ma Renne et al., 1998
MM Mount McClure 523.51 ± 1.47 Ma Schoene and Bowring, 2006
IF Fish Canyon Tuff 28.201 ± 0.012 Ma Lanphere et al., 2001; Kuiper et al., 2008
TEM2 Temora2, Middledale gabbroic diorite 416.78 ± 0.33 Ma Black et al., 2004
Dur Durango 31.44 ± 0.018 Ma McDowell et al. 2005
FC1 Duluth complex 1099.0 ± 0.6 Ma Paces and Miller, 1993
TR Tardree Rhyolite 61.23 ± 0.11 Ma Dave Chew, personal communication

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