GSS Lab Provides Fission Track, UPb, and Mineral Separation Services

GeoSep Services (GSS) is a locally owned small business, staffed by a small group of loyal employees. We are dedicated to providing high-quality mineral separations along with apatite and zircon fission track+UPb analyses to support the international geochronology/thermochronology community.

GSS is located in Moscow, Idaho, within the beautiful Palouse region of Idaho and Washington, USA.

We specialize in apatite fission track (AFT) analysis, zircon fission track (ZFT) analysis, zircon UPb, and mineral separations. Please note: as of April 2020, for an additional fee, we can provide pyrite (sulfide) removal/cleanup of zircon fractions (DIM sink) if requested.
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CAUTION - Financial Fraud Check Scam, June/July 2020: If you receive a check showing our company name after applying for a job (possibly via Facebook), it is fake (not sent by us). Do not try to deposit the check and do not text the number provided. Please let us know you received one of these checks. We encourage you to contact your local police about this scam.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update, July 3, 2020:

Our facility operations and analytical data collection continue, along with 6-ft distancing and enhanced cleaning. We realize our operations could be affected at any time dependent on local, state, and national conditions and requirements.

Thank you to all our clients and colleagues for your support.

In 2020, due to Coronavirus restrictions, we will not be attending any in-person conferences. Thermo2020 will now be held in 2021 in Santa Fe, NM. We also expect to be at the 2021 GSA meeting. We appreciate these opportunities to meet our current and prospective clients and colleagues, as well as support the advancements in the geochronology/thermochronology community. Check out our pictures from some of our conference/meeting trips.